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Mar 2, 2014 3:30pm PST
from the ge program. for five 5 years i was in an after school program that allowed g and e kids and because of this, the after school program was one of the best experiences of my life. baunsd -- because they don't get to inaccurate with kids, they won't become friends. the only way kids get to interact is during the short pe session we have, and in middle school, if we, the mandarin immersion will be one part and ge will be another. it goes this way, it will be mostly segregated. and in order for ge and mi kids to be able to feel as one instead of segregated, you must all have electives to interact with different people and we all get to all feel as one. so please allow us to have 7th period. thank you. [ applause ] >> i have a couple of other names on the list. amy, ranch an, oh conel. >> next speaker, please. are we done with public comment? okay. >> my name is bill rose toe. i'm a parent of two elementary school children at star kirn currently in the mandarin program. at the add hoc committee i presented and asked the same thing to the committee members. at the time commiss
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 2:00am EST
-point in their victory over the knicks. here is the issue. lebron did not ge get approval from the league to wear the black shield so he went back too wearing the clear mask because according to an nba official the league prefers the clear shoulder so that opponent can see a players eyes the new look didn't bother immaterial had the home hammered the magic. you gotta love outdoor hockey especially in a snowstorm. mother nature was dumping all bunch off snow in chicago. in the first period, patrick sharp getting the party start forked the blackhawks just like my favorite drink, sharp goes top shelf. oh, yeah. that is a refreshing sight if you are a chicago fan. the blackhawks go to work the penguins 5-1 is the final. on the diamond the new york yankees were broadcast the live on three networks in japan at 3:00 a.m. in the morning for a string training game. here is the reason why, masahiro tanaka made had i yankees debut against the phillies and the $155 million japanese immaterial party was very good. the 25-year-old tanaka dazzled in his first outing with three strikeouts in t
Mar 2, 2014 3:30pm PST
ititchchy y dry. gegetsts t to o ththe e rorootod hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun e ititchchy y dry. >>> logon to, stay in touch all day long. now back to the show.designed t safety feature on tall buildings, but these are near death experiences for children in china. this little boy hanging by his arms from this steel cage that protects windows. looks like the boy slipped out the window and then fell through the bars that just aren't close enough to keep his little body from falling through. >> he is high up. look at that. >> five stories up in the air. some neighbors below have gone out their window, there for half an hour before rescuers were able to show up. and you got to think there is like four people hanging on this thing now. who knows if it is going to give way. >> also, think about the bars that are probably jamming into his poor little body. probably can't even breathe. >> when rescuers did show up, they couldn't get not apartment because no one was home. they had to cut the door open with the giant cutting tool before they could get to the b
Mar 2, 2014 8:00am PST
at ge. my mom works at ge. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close! new at&t mobile share value plans our best value plans ever for business. >>> on friday, i spoke with democratic congressman chaka fattah of pennsylvania about president obama's new initiative "my brother's keeper," part of our ten-question series at "meet the press."com. we're back in a moment here with a special look at "12 years a slave" on this day is built for business. built for your company. your customers. your... sales department built from the ground up. for fast downloads. fast uploads. for a... built for tablets. for laptops. for... this. built for saving money. built for saving time. built for architects. built for... sign up for internet and voice and find out how to get four weeks of internet for free. comcast bus
FOX Business
Mar 2, 2014 12:00am EST
they will be injured because they taxed while walng. >>. [laughter] you may fall into a pool or ge hit by a car some people wonder what past texting and walking. people can do two things accidents will happen but they always have. my own grandfather was killed by a bus whe he crossed the street while a reading a book. i am surprised they have not been an brooks. below riley -- bill o'reilly says now there are more school shootings and olence. is true to see that access a and nasty stuff but where is the evidence of harm? there isn't any. if japan can spend more time playing violent games with there is less violent sanded america internet use has grown of violence is down. it dropped 55%. despite the media hype there are fewer school shootings. if bill o'reilly were on tv in the '50s he would talk about comic books causing juvenile delinquency. superman embodied sadistic fantasies particularly injurious to children. maybe you should just ignore the older generation. ♪ yes the culture that when sex is pushing i kids i cringe so i am surprised by what this grandmother said. >> no. i think she is won
FOX News
Mar 1, 2014 8:00pm PST
's not always welcome. >> soon as the you -- who is newen tnew in the neighborhood. >> joanne. ge you have often said openly that you would look to move into ugly neighborhood and get rid of the ugly people? >> i don't get rid of them. i just discourage them from living there. it's funny, if i were at pratt and i gave this speech as a white woman saying, low income housing is coming to my neighborhood, i am not okay with that. why do you have to change this? it is just, it's funny how that works. >> good point. rich people have rights too. the haves cannot complain about the have-notes. >> a complaint is a complaint. >> a have used to be a have-not, right? that's america. >> in some cases yes. in the perfect case. sometime, a have long time ago, keep passing on his have to the other have. >> i would like to have some of that. >> andy, as a jew, you are behind all of this? >> absolutely. either way my people win. either way we are the landlord. we are making money. if we can charge, if richer people move in. we charge more. get more money. either way we are making money. >> cash business. >> we d
FOX Business
Mar 2, 2014 5:00am EST
. you can ask me what is in the deal. by e-mailing. keep it to a minimum. some ge a little too personal. the camera adds 50 pounds. [laughter] meanwhile, new chair janet yellen a breath of fresh air. >> federal reserve simply doesn't have authority to supervisor or regulate bitcoin. neilthat's rigt. but unusual will someone in washington saying not our job that the fed doesn't have the authority which is making you a lot of you have the authority to step in and regulate everything else. 90% of what they regulate. another from ben who write it was a hint, hint to obamato sign an executive order to give them the authority to regulate bitcoin. we don't know for sure. but we know a lot of you are green. we call it -- [audible] there's a limit to what i can do. look what thefed does. they are supposed to regulate banks and regulatethe amount of money and circulation. they did a lousy job with the banks in 2008. in term of regulating the amount of -- it's great for wall street. artificially low interest rates. main streeters havn't done so well particularly in the job situation and folks like
FOX Business
Mar 2, 2014 6:00pm EST
of those killed ges up presip usely. >> absolutely. >> explain, lance, what your track will be. >> well, gm is actually settled the claim. we contie to pursue our investigation to make sre that nitsa pursue their investigation to get what gm knew and when. if they didn't rely it and that was the initial argument at the time that even government didn't know because the company sharing this where does it put the investigation. they had a duty t disclose it within five ys. they should have disclosed it in 2005 whe the chief programming enneer who had a similar incident -- they knew about the defect. they determined the ignition switch was defective in for of 2005. they never should have put the car on the road and should have informed them of the problem and fixed it. we wouldn't be here today. as ken said there are likely more numerous fatalities. they have be had included brooke's accident. >> i talked tone analyst yesterday who said it is easy to make it look obvious after the fact there are reports or sporadic the study show problem in the this case the ignition situation and others. do yo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)